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Systweak CacheBoost Pro

Systweak CacheBoost Pro - небольшая программа для оптимизации системного КЭШа и дефрагментации оперативной памяти. В результате работы данной программы приложения начинают работать быстрее и стабильнее. Программа CacheBoost может восстанавливать утечки памяти, что предотвращает падение системы. Также утилита CacheBoost имеет набор функций для оптимизации системы в целом.

CacheBoost optimizes the Windows cache management and the performance of your system under Windows Vista/XP/2000 and Windows Server. The result is that your programs run faster and become more stable than ever before! It monitors and controls over the processes that take place in the memory and reclaims wasted memory on your computer.

CacheBoost’s integrated suite of programs can recover memory leaks from your system and prevent Windows crashes. The built-in Memory Zipper engine and Data Safe Technology enhances the available system memory and ensures complete reliability and safety of data. It not only includes the usual fare of option to export customized settings and to apply the same on another machine but has numerous of options to fine tune your system.

CacheBoost is available in two editions. Professional Edition and Server Edition. Professional Edition is best suited for Desktops and Day to day use. Server Edition comes with “Server Tune” Feature and is ideal for servers.

Make Your PC More Responsive
CacheBoost runs in the background to free up more memory on your computer. This means that you get more power and response from your system when you need it the most. Your computer becomnes more responsive and it starts to function faster.

Optimize your Gaming Experience
When you need more power from your system, your computer becomes more responsive with CacheBoost. This is specially useful when you are playing games and you want the computer to respond faster and become more responsive.

Optimize System Memory
This is the manual optimization process. You can simply press the button and your memory will be de-fragmented, memory leaks repaired and the unused system modules will be unloaded from the memory.

Empty System Cache
With regular use of the computer, the System Cache starts to fill up with unwanted traces and remnants of software. When large amount of data is moved, system cache starts to fill and take up space. It is suggested that you empty the system cache so that your operations are optimized and you get a fast computer.

Memory Resource Allocation
CacheBoost runs in the background as a service, with an indicator in the sytem tray to show you the current status of the resources. You can also optimize the resources manually by de-fragment and repairing the memory leaks, and emptying the system cache.

Utilize Existing Hardware Efficiently
CacheBoost improves the speed and reliability of your computer without adding any new hardware to your computer. This is made possible because CacheBoost utilizes the existing hardware resources to the fullest. It manages the allocation of memory for execution of various programs, and therefore it optimizes the resources available for your needs.This means that the programs and applications in the background are given adequate resources, with a focus on the applications and process in the foreground, on which you are actively working. This ensures that you can perform multiple functions at one time and you have enough resources available whenever you need them.

Optimize the Cache Management
CacheBoost comes with preset for most of the settings. If you are a regular computer user, you should not have any need to change the settings in the Application. In case you are a power user, you might want to change and customize the settings of the software according to your requirement. In that case, you can change the settings from the settings console.

How can Data Safe increase performance and safety of your system
Windows uses System Cache to improve the access speed of data on your computer. It is important that while using the computer, the data gets read very soon and therefore instead of writing every file on the hard disk, Windows writes these files to a faster location called the System Cache. Though these files make the data access process faster, it also reduces the safety of the data as it is written on the system cache, before being written to the more permanent hard drive. CacheBoost ensures that these chunks of data are written to their right place on the hard drive and the risk of losing data due to crash or failure are minimized.

Data-Safe Technology
Data Safe is a unique feature of CacheBoost. CacheBoost searches for individual chunks of data in the memory, which have not been saved. These chunks of data are then saved to the hard disk to ensure that even in case of power failure or a crash, your data is safe and you can rest assured.

Need for Data Safe
Windows writes all data to the System Cache, before copying it to the Hard Disk. This is because smaller chunks of data are not written to the Hard Disk but to the System Cache. Windows considers that the data may be required again and therefore stores it in the buffer for sometime. However, if there is a power failure, Application error or a system crash, this entire data may be lost at once. CacheBoost writes this data to the Hard Disk and protects your data.

Make your Windows Faster
CacheBoost has tuning and tweaking options which can make your system faster by improving the core system performance, optimizing the system cache and clearing the swap files. The tuning options make your windows faster by utilizing it to the fullest.

Large System Cache
CacheBoost allows you to create a Large System Cache. This means that there is more room for cache in memory. It helps in keeping the Operating System Kernel in the memory and therefore the Operating System performance may improve considerably. It should increase the speed considerably, at a small cost of memory consumption. It is recommended that this option is checked.

Keep Core Kernel Executive in Memory
Core Kernel Executive of the Operating System is the set of most essential files of the Operating System. When Windows keeps these files in the RAM, the performance of your computer may increase manifold as the operating system is very responsive.

More Critical Threads
Threads are sequences of operation in the Operating System. When Windows is performing critical tasks, the process of creation of a system thread may take some more time than usual. By creating more critical threads, Windows creates additional threads in advance so that the system speed is positively improved.

Force Windows not to Update Time Stamps
When Windows accesses any file/directory on the Network File System (NTFS) volume, it updates the latest time stamp on it. Whenever Windows will access a large number of files and folders, the updation of the time-stamp will take a long time and the computer may become very slow. It is recommended that you disable the process of time-stamp updation by selecting this option in CacheBoost.

Disable Creating Short File Names
Operating Systems used to understand only 8.3 legacy names in the past. It meant 8 characters of the name and 3 characters of extension. With Windows and the latest Operating Systems, there is no need for such small names as the operating system can understand larger names as well. It is recommended that the creation of short file names be disabled to increase the speed, specially recommended for servers.

OS: Windows Vista/XP/2000, Windows Server 2003/2008, 64 bit compatible
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Your Uninstaller! PRO 2008 6.2.1343 Christmas Edition Multilingual

Your Uninstaller! - удобная программа для удаления, установленных на вашем компьютере приложений и для замены стандартной функции "Установка и удаление программы". При этом работает приблизительно в 5-10 раз быстрее. Your Uninstaller! показывает соответствующие значки приложений, присутствует функция поиска приложения по ключевому слову. Также Your Uninstaller! автоматически обнаруживает неисправные ключи реестра и полностью удаляет их. Возможно ручное удаление записей об установленных программах из системного реестра. Данная программа имеет хорошо продуманный и организованный многоязычный интерфейс, включая Русский язык. Кроме этго стоит отметить, что программа Your Uninstaller! удаляет из реестра шпионов, известных как Ad-ware, экспортирует на печать список установленных программ и многое другое...

Your Uninstaller! uninstaller software is the industry's leading uninstaller software. It's the world's 1st smart Drag&Uninstall™ uninstaller software under the Windows platform, works on all Windows versions including Windows Vista/XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003. It's as easy as using the recycle bin. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the program you don't want will disappear from your computer - as well as everything the unwanted program brings! Your Uninstaller! is a user-friendly way of removing unneeded applications on your computer. It can even remove some annoying spywares!
Your Uninstaller! software is a specially designed uninstaller program for both beginning and advanced users. Your Uninstaller! 2006 is extremely very fast and easy to use. It has a unique ability to uninstall items by simply dragging programs' icons into the Your Uninstaller! icon. You may also find the application you want to uninstall through a unique search function.

Your Uninstaller! completely removes applications so quickly. Your Uninstaller! starts up 500%-1000% times faster than other Add/Remove programs. As you know, there are many installers in the world, such as InstallShield, Wise Installer, Microsoft Installer and many others. Most applications are built using these installers. Each installer has a unique install database, which makes it difficult to find all the changes programs' make to your computer. That's why other uninstallers can only uninstall part of an application-leaving some files and registry keys.
To solve this problem, Your Uninstaller! uses it's unique technique: SmartUninstall™. SmartUninstall™ has a database containing information about all installers on the market; so when it uninstalls a program, it automatically detects which installer the application used, then it simply uninstalls the application properly. That's the reason Your Uninstaller! can detect and completely remove all the programs and icons on your computer.

Key features:
- Completely remove any application installed.
- Deep scan of registry and entire disk for unused registry entries and files.
- Remove programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove Program.
- Uninstall screen savers. [PRO]
- Remove internet surfing traces.
- Backup and restore registry.
- Registration key management.
- Built-in Disk Cleaner helps you find and remove unnecessary files on your disk to save space and make computer faster! [PRO]
- Built-in IE Context Menu Cleaner, cleans the context menu of Internet Explorer. [PRO]
- Built-in Startup Manager, take full control of Window startups. [PRO]
- Fix invalid desktop shortcuts and start menu shortcuts.
- Get the applications detail info even if it hide itself in deep directory, especially useful for finding out "Spy" applications. [PRO]
- Backup/restore installed-applications information.
- Uninstall with SINGLE drag-drop! Just drop a file on Your Uninstaller! icon on the desktop to see what happens! [PRO]
- List installed applications with appropriate icons(same as you see in the Start Menu), you can easily find the application you want to uninstall.
- Powerful search feature allows you quickly find the program you are about to uninstall.
- Automatic detection of invalid installations and removing them with one click.
- Force removal of uninstall related entries in the registry(care to use!). [PRO]
- Lighting speed at startup, 5-10 times faster than Add/Remove Program of Windows XP!
- Export programs list to file or printer.
- More ...

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Wise Disk Cleaner Pro 3.81 Build 128

Wise Disk Cleaner Pro - быстрая и простая в обращении утилита, которая предназначена для очистки "мусора" на жёстком диске компьютера. Программа Wise Disk Cleaner отличается высокой скоростью работы и удобными настройками при выборе проверяемых дисков или отдельных директорий. При сканировании программа Wise Disk Cleaner находит временные системные файлы, остатки удалённых программ, проверяет Корзину, обнаруживает дублирующиеся файлы и т.д. Затем вы можете удалить весь найденный мусор целиком или выбрать для очистки только некоторые файлы и каталоги.

Wise Disk Cleaner Pro free is a best free registry cleaner and registry optimizer, it speeds up your PC by cleaning your Registry. The PRO version help you improve your PC's performance by optimize your Registry, and it's so easy, you only need make a few clicks.

The Registry is at the heart of every Windows computer. The older your PC is, the more junked-up its Registry becomes. Badly written programs (and there are plenty of those around) don't bother to clean the Registry when you uninstall them, and some programs add unnecessary junk to the Registry. The more junked-up your Registry, the more likely it is to crash or to slow down your PC.

This freebie does a neat job of cleaning out the Registry junk. It scans the Registry, flagging orphaned or bad Registry entries, and shows you the name and values for each. It identifies Registry entries that may be dangerous to delete, and those that are safe to delete, so you can distinguish between the two. It also lets you decide which entries to delete, and which to keep. For safety's sake, it can also back up your Registry before a scan, so that you can restore it, if the program causes any problems.

Wise Disk Cleaner Pro is one of the safest Registry cleaning tools available in the market today. Its scanning engine is thorough, safe and fast.

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SensorsView Pro 3.2 build 10280

SensorsView Pro - небольшая программа, которая следит за температурой процессора, материнской платы, жестких дисков, отслеживает изменения напряжений и скоростей вращения крыльчатки вентиляторов. SensorView автоматически извещает пользователя о превышение критических значений установленных параметров системы. Программа SensorView крайне информативна, имеет обширные настройки и возможность тонкой настройки. Так же программа SensorView отслеживает загрузку процессора, загрузку оперативной памяти и жёсткого диска. Для наглядности отображения, предусмотрено построение графиков, обновляющихся в реальном времени. В программе SensorView, как и в аналогах, присутствует система предупредительных сигналов. Несмотря на обширные возможности настройки, функциональность SensorsView Pro является вполне типичной, для программ такого рода. SensorsView Pro отличает удобство интерфейса и простота настроек.

SensorsView is a utility, that monitors the temperature of your CPU, northbridge, motherboard, VGA and hard disks, as well as voltages and fan speeds (as supported by your motherboard).It can alert you if the values reach a critical level, and also provide a complete overview of the measurements. At critical values of any parameters (CPU overheating, fan stop) SensorsView will inform you about it and store info in the log file, also it is possible to shut down computer, play any sound, execute the application (command) or send email. You can set name, chart color, icon, critical threshold and if it is necessary, correction for all possible controllable parameters. In addition, the program shows usage of CPU, physical memory, HDD, NIC (Network Interface Connection).

Supported Chips:
- Winbond: W83781d, W83782d, W83783s, W83627HF, W83627EHF, W83627THF, W83637HF, W83697HF, W83L784, W83L785
- Via: Via 686, VT1211
- SMSC: LPC47Mxxx
- ITE: ITE8705F, ITE8712F
- ASUS: AS99127F rev.1, AS99127F rev.2, ASB100
- National Semiconductors: LM63, LM75, LM77, LM78, LM78-J, LM79, LM80, LM85, LM87, LM90, PC83630, PC83633, PC83634, PC83635, PC83636
- Analog Devices: ADT7476, ADM1027, ADM1028, ADM1030, ADM1031
- Maxim: MAX1617, MAX1618, MAX1619
- Genesys Logic: GL520, GL523

SensorsView Pro Features:
- Support almost all monitoring chips and motherboards.
- Notification at critical values.
- You can set a threshold of concern and correction.
- Sending email.
- Graphs.
- Showing chosen parameter in the tray.
- Showing CPU usage.
- Showing physical memory usage.
- Showing HDD usage.
- Showing NIC usage.
- Auto-check for new versions.
- Log file for events and warning messages.

If the program does not finds monitoring chips on your computer, send us information about your system (motherboard model, CPU, chipset, etc.) and we will try to add support for your mobo. Also if possible please send us file 'debug.txt' from installation folder of SensorsView.

OS: 2000/XP/2003/Vista
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 PikySuite - это набор программ, который упрощает такие рутинные занятия как копирование файлов, доступ к недавним документам и резервное копирование.

PikySuite is a group of three products (PikyBasket, PikyFolders, & PikyTools) that eliminate day-to-day computing frustrations from activities such as copying files, accessing favorite/recent folders and taking backups. PikySuite is meticulously designed to save a lot of unnoticed time & effort wasted on trivial file/folder tasks everyday. PikyBasket is a file copy program that allows you to select files/folders from different locations before actually copying them to the target folder. It also lets you to compress the files to a .zip file, save the list of files for future re-use (Eg. daily backups), pause/resume an operation, retry/skip a file on errors, specify multiple destinations, set the speed for improved performance & auto-shutdown. PikyFolders lets you quickly go to your favorite folder from the standard Windows file open/save dialog (window) in Windows XP/Vista and from Windows taskbar. This method saves time and tedious navigation. PikyTools provides useful gems such as Copy Paths (with UNC support), Command Prompt Here, Folder Icon Changer (Mark a folder with different color), Open In New Window, Create multiple new folders in one go etc.

Save time when copying files
PikyBasket lets you select files from different folders before actually pasting them all together (copy, copy, copy & then finally paste). Integrated with Windows Explorer and other popular file managers.

Convenience that brings joy
Save the list of files copied for future reuse (music files, family pictures etc that you share often).

Copy only new or changed files
Supports filtering based on name, extension, date & size. Copy only different/modified files. Useful for simple file backups, supports file compression (.zip), copy files to multiple folders/directories.

Stay confident the first time
Fantastic error handling. Lets you re-try on errors, rename files automatically when a duplicate file is found, waits for you to free disk space, lists programs that are accessing a 'file in use' (open file).

Strong relief!
PikyFolders lets you jump to your favorite folders from within Windows file open/save window. We cannot see you using those clumsy file open/save window & folders dialog without PikyFolders.

Have complete control
Pause/Resume file copy, set speed to gain system performance, auto-shutdown/hibernate on completion, integrated with Windows Explorer or other popular file managers.

Zero clicks
Well, almost. Access your best folders from the Windows taskbar. So near that its effortless to access your deep network folders too.

PikyTools: Launch selected folder in another copy of Windows Explorer using 'Open In New Window'. Very useful when organizing/moving files to sibling folders which we often do, 'Command Prompt Here' launches cmd.exe (DOS Prompt) or your favorite command prompt replacement program from within Windows Explorer, Supports Command Prompt in elevation mode (Administrator rights) on Vista, 'Copy Paths' to clipboard, Supports UNC paths, Create folders and sub-folders in bulk, Mass folder creator, Create a complete path quickly, Change folder icons, Mark folders with different color for quick identification, Useful and reduces strain when browsing folders, Choose custom folder icon.

PikyBasket: Copy files/folders faster, Conveniently and quickly organize your documents, videos, pictures and music files (MP3 etc), Take simple file backups, Compress files from different locations into one .zip file, Save files list so that you can copy once and paste multiple times, Very useful when burning a CD/DVD containing files/folders from different locations, Keep a list of best pictures & music you have so that you can share them easily (USB flash drive, CD etc) anytime and any number of times with just couple of clicks, Filter files to be copied/compressed based on file name, extension, size and date, Very easy to share only the changed files inside multiple sub-directories, Eliminate temporary and big files using the filter option, Easily rename source or destination file instead of overwriting, Replacement for copy/xcopy commands, Copy files to multiple destination directories, all at once.

PikyFolders: Access favorite folders with just 2 clicks from where ever you are, Access it from Windows taskbar's Quick Launch toolbar, Save tedious navigation of network folders, Direct folders access from File Open/Save dialog & Browse For Folders dialog, Works from Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage, Outlook) file open/save windows, Works from Vista style file open/save window as part of 'Favorite Links'.

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Drive Snapshot

Drive SnapShot - небольшая по размеру утилита для полного резервного копирования жёстких дисков, которая предоставляет возможность создавать точные образы всего жесткого диска или отдельных разделов без перезагрузки. Drive Snapshot позволяет создавать образы дисков в фоновом режиме на компьютерах которые должны работь 24 часа в сутки, (что весьма ценно для серверов), и что обеспечивает как полную сохранность всех данных, так и позволяет избежать остановки работы компьютера. В процессе работы Drive Snapshot создает виртуальный диск, содержащий все указанные данные, а вы получаете возможность использовать, сравнивать или восстанавливать эти файлы непосредственно из файла образа. Программа Drive SnapShot поддерживает FAT16, FAT32, NTFS и RAID массивы и позволяет работать в автоматическом выбранном режиме. Также возможна работа по расписанию для этого используется Sheduler от Windows.

Drive SnapShot creates an exact Disk Image of your system into a file, including the operating system, installed programs, your data and all security attributes - while windows is running and you continue to work. Drive Snapshot it allows you to backup your partition or your hard disk drive and it also can create a disk image of your system. If disaster strikes (a virus, trojan, or hard disk crash), a complete and exact restauration of your system will be possible in only few minutes. The image file can be mounted as a virtual drive, so you can easily restore (or use) single files or directories, using the Windows Explorer, or other program.

Drive SnapShot Here are some key features of "Drive Snapshot":
Create Disk Image Backups, while running Windows
There is no restart (to DOS) necessary. Never.
Continue your work, while the Backup is in progress
The new Snapshot technology ensures, that all data are consistent, and reflect the PC's data at the start of backup. There are no difficulties with opened files. Never.
This enables a very fast and easy way to backup servers and other computers, that must run 24 hours a day.
Easy Use and Restore of single Files or directories
Drive Snapshot creates a virtual drive, containing all your drives data. You may use, compare, or restore these files directly from the Disk Image file.
This works with any program of your choice, including (of course) the Windows Explorer
Complete Restore of a disk in case of Disaster
If a disk is restored to it's original state, it will be exactly the same as at the time of Backup - byte for byte.
Restoring a system partition will require DOS; other drives can be restored using Windows
Compatible to all Windows file systems (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)
Compatible to all Windows RAID Methods
Very easy and comprehensive command line interface
This makes automation of regular tasks a breeze.

OS: Windows NT 4.0 Service pack 3, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows PE, Vista.

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CachemanXP - мощная программа, для увеличения скорости и стабильности работы компьютера. Данная программа оптимизирет кэши, освобождает RAM и тонко настраивает множество параметров системы, в результате увеличивается скорость и стабильность. Так называемая «оптимизация за один клик» делает программу CachemanXP подходящей для новичков и уверенных пользователей ПК, но все же достаточно мощной и универсальной для профессионалов. Функция резервного копирования гарантирует, что все пользовательские модификации могут быть изменены одним движением. CachemanXP использует минимальные ресурсы и фактически не использует время процессора. В отличие других утилит для настройки, CachemanXP работает как системная служба, минимизируя использование ресурсов и настраивая Windows на системном уровне.

CachemanXP is a Windows tuneup utility designed to improve the speed and stability of your computer by optimizing caches, recovering RAM and fine tuning a number of system settings. Oneclick-Optimization makes it suitable for novice and intermediate users yet it is also powerful and versatile enough for computer experts. Backups of settings ensure that all user modifications can be reversed with a single click. CachemanXP requires Windows 2000/2003 or XP/XP64 to run, uses minimal resources and virtually no CPU time. The help file includes a screenshot based system performance guide.

Unlike other tuneup utilities, CachemanXP runs as a system service, minimizing resource usage and tweaking Windows at system-level.

CachemanXP will backup your system settings (so you can always revert any changes!). The Auto-Optimize feature will examine your system and tweak it for best performance.

Here is an example of a system tweak:
Most Windows users know and dread this Automatic Updates dialog.
In the middle of your work or entertainment session Windows can display this dialog. Since you want to go on with your work, you click on Restart later.
But Windows will not leave you alone. The dialog will reappear every 5 minutes, no matter what. It gets even worse, it will stay on top of all other programs, in some cases even in front of a movie you are watching.
If you use CachemanXP to tweak your system, you can prevent this dialog from showing up and restart your system when you are done with your work.
The tweak lets you only decide when to restart your system, the updates will still be installed!
With two clicks in CachemanXP you can get rid of this dialog for ever.
Go to the Tweaks tab.
And turn on the Don't show Automatic Updates restart dialog checkbox.

CachemanXP is localized with these languages:
English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Danish, Russian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Slovak

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AusLogics BoostSpeed

AusLogics BoostSpeed - идеальное решение проблемы оптимизации Вашего компьютера. AusLogics BoostSpeed - мощное средство по настройке Вашей системы наиболее оптимальным способом, очистке Вашего реестра и диска, а также оптимизации Ваших программ. AusLogics BoostSpeed единственная программа, которая позволит Вам быстро и качественно произвести настройку Вашей системы. Работы программы AusLogics BoostSpeed увеличена примерно на 5%.

Основные возможности AusLogics BoostSpeed:
настройка интернет-соединения;
ускорение загрузки веб-страниц за счет DNS-кэширования;
настройка браузеров Internet Explorer,
Mozilla, Opera на максимальное быстродействие;
мастер деинсталляции; оптимизатор памяти;
настройка внешнего вида Windows для максимального быстродействия системы;
редактор автозагрузки; создание резервной копии системного реестра и его очистка, ряд сетевых инструментов, удаление рекламы из веб-страниц.

Что нового в версии (22/12/2008)
- добавлена новая программа Task Manager, позволяющая получить информацию о запущенных процессах и программах, а также службах Windows
- Disk Defrag: исправлено множество проблем совместимости с планировщиком Windows
- Registry Defrag: исправлены всевозможные причины возникновения ошибок "код 40" и "код 22"
- Internet Optimizer: улучшен алгоритм оптимизации интернетсоединения
- Internet Optimizer: исправлена ошибка "Невозможно записать значение в реестр"
- Disk Wiper: исправлена ситуация, которая приводила к потере свободного места на диске
- Tweak Manager: исправлен ряд твиков, улучшены значения по оптимизации
- Registry Cleaner: исправлены все известные проблемы совместимости программы со сторонними продуктами
- Registry Cleaner: улучшен алгоритм сканирования сетевых ярлыков
- OneButton Checkup: исправлены проблемы с генерацией отчетов
- Disk Cleaner: добавлена поддержка Opera 10 alpha
- Track Eraser: добавлена поддержка Opera 10 alpha
- Track Eraser: устранены проблемы с удалением временных файлов браузеров
- Service Manager: добавлена возможность просмотра реального пути запуска любого сервиса
- улучшена поддержка Windows 2008
- улучшена поддержка 64битных систем
- улучшена инсталляция продукта
- исправлены ошибки в языках локализаций.

AusLogics BoostSpeed - the ideal solution to keep your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. This powerful optimization suite will boost Internet connections, tweak Windows to its peak performance, clean registry and block annoying ads. It's a great way to keep your computer clean and optimized.

Speed Up PC With BoostSpeed
Modify Windows settings, file system and services to greatly increase system performance. Increase startup and shutdown speed, disable annoying CD autorun and error reporting features. BoostSpeed will keep monitoring your system for possible optimizations and let you know if such optimizations are possible. You can also run the System Optimization Wizard to periodically optimize your PC.

Block Banner Advertisements
Tired of annoying banner advertisements accompanying many web sites? Now you can eliminate advertisements and also speed up your Internet browsing with BoostSpeed Banner Killer! You can add your own web sites to the black list to block them from showing their advertisements.

Keep Disk and Registry Clean
Get rid of junk on the disks and registry of your PC. Remove hazardous and space-wasting files left by untidy programs and crashes of your system. Dramatically increase the performance of your PC by cleaning, optimizing and defragmenting local disks and registry.

Keep your PC fast and safe
BoostSpeed will detect most of the popular "PC-slowers" - bundle-software (such as eDonkey or Kazaa) which silently download malware and spyware to your computer, taking up internet traffic and slowing down the system. This will also keep your system safe from prying eyes of spyware programs.

Speed Up Internet
Adjust your PC for faster images, music and software downloads, increased browsing speed and reliable Internet connections. View your download speed and graphs. To gain additional performance boost you can also turn on DNS Optimization.

Optimize Memory and Appearance
Badly written applications constantly steal memory without giving it back. That's why your PC becomes unstable with time and you have to reboot. BoostSpeed automatically frees up computer memory to gain additional performance boost. You can also manually recover memory and clipboard.

Boost Software Products
BoostSpeed can improve performance of different software products, including Microsoft Office, Internet browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozzila), E-mail clients (Outlook, The Bat), MSN Messenger, ICQ, Media Player and others.

Networks Tools
Keep your connection alive while you're away, synchronize your computer clock with atomic clock over the Internet, lookup domain names and IP addresses, measure your Internet connection speed. Troubleshoot and improve your Internet connection and local network with an excellent selection of network management tools.

System Optimization Tools
Greatly increase your PC startup speed with Autorun Manager, where you can disable or remove the programs which try to load up when Windows starts up. Force-uninstall unwanted software products which take up space on your computer and slow it down.

OS: Windows 98/ME/ 2000/XP/2003/Vista
Лекарство внутри.

Размер файла: 4.93 Mb
Интерфейс: Английский
Скачали: 689

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Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6.01

Ashampoo WinOptimizer - шестая линейка Пакета программ, с помощью которого можно оптимизировать операционную систему за счет ее настройки и очистки. В состав Ashampoo WinOptimizer входят утилиты для очистки жесткого диска и системного реестра, модуль для обеспечения защиты личной информации путем поиска и удаления файлов и данных, оставшихся после интернет-cepфингa, утилиту для оптимизации Интернет-соединения путем настройки Windows TCP/IP, модуль для настройки программ, автозагружаемых одновременно с запуском системы, а также модули для поиска и удаления ненужных фaйлoв DLL, для безвозвратного удаления данных и для шифрования файлов. Кроме этого, Ashampoo WinOptimizer позволяет переназначать ассоциации файлов, шифровать/расшифровывать файлы, а также безвозвратно их удалять. Кроме этого, возможна настройка параметров системы и ее оптимизация за один клик - за это отвечает модуль “1-Click Optimization". В шестой версии программы появилось немало новых возможностей, новые модули, включая новый антишпионский модуль и менеджер контекстного меню Windows, а также множество улучшений и исправлений.

Microsoft Windows may have got more advanced but the need for effective maintenance is greater than ever. If you don’t houseclean your computer system regularly the digital garbage that collects over time makes it slower and can even cause inexplicable errors – usually when you need them least. With the reliability of 11 years of experience, Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6 makes Windows maintenance fast and easy – and it works for Windows XP just as well as it does for Vista. The One-click Optimizer does what it says and you can even schedule it to run automatically so that you don’t need to think about it at all. It keeps your Windows computer running as fast and smoothly as on the first day you bought it. In addition to efficient Windows maintenance you also get a whole suite of powerful, easy-to-use tools that enable you to configure and tune your Windows computer so that it works exactly the way you want it to.

Возможности программы:
- Оптимизация и очистка ваших жестких дисков
- Очистка от временных интернет файлов
- Очистка системного реестра от мусора и неправильных записей
- Одно-кликовая оптимизация системы
- Простая и эффективная дефрагментация жестких дисков
- Управление автозапуском программ
- Управление запущенными процессами
- Оптимизация и увеличение скорости вашего интернет соединения
- Полное удаление файлов без возможности их восстановления
- Восстановление удаленных файлов
- Настройка параметров ОС Windows
- Изменение внешнего вида Windows с помощью Визуального Стилиста
- Сохранение и восстановление расположения иконок на вашем рабочем столе
- Просмотр дисковой и системной информации
- Прямой доступ ко всем функциям ОС Windows
- Разделение и соединение больших по размеру файлов
- Приятный пользовательский интерфейс

The WinOptimizer Toolbox:
AntiSpy Module - New!
Context Menu Manager - New!
Hard Disk Defragmenter - New Version!
One-Click Optimizer - Improved
Drive Cleaner - Improved
Registry Optimizer - Improved
Internet Cleaner - Improved
Windows Tweaking Tools - Improved
System Benchmark - Improved
StartUp - Tuner
Process Manager
File Undeleter
File Wiper
File Splitter & Joiner
Real- time Backup
DiskSpace Explorer and System Information
File Encrypter & Decrypter
Vista Sidebar Gadget
Visual Styler
Icon Saver

New features:
Manual, scheduled and automatic defrag options
Completely new advanced defrag algorithm
New Boot Time defrag makes Windows start faster
Powerful, efficient and safe for maximum performance
Radically improved Windows Vista support
Exceptionally efficient, very low system load and memory use
Preview of current hard disk fragmentation with analysis
Include in One-Click Optimization

Новые возможности:
Новая версия дефрагментатора жестких дисков
Новый антишпионский модуль
Новый менеджер управления контекстным меню
Новая вкладка Избранного
Усовершенствованная одно-кликовая оптимзация
Улучшенная очистка дисков
Улучшенная оптимизация системного реестра
Улучшенная очистка интернет файлов
Улучшенные инструменты настройки Windows
И множество других новых возможностей и улучшений

New Features in Version 6:
Defrag 3 Disk Defragmenter and Service As you use your hard disk the information on it becomes “fragmented”, making your computer slower. The brand-new Defrag 3 disk defragmenter does the best job ever of defragmenting your hard disks and it comes with a new background service that automatically keeps your hard drives defragmented whenever your computer is idle. The advanced new Boot Time Defragmentation makes Windows start faster. You can run Defrag 3 manually or schedule it to run at regular times or intervals. The continuous background service with a new predictive defragmentation algorithm actually prevents fragmentation before it can happen. It automatically cuts in and defragments your hard disk when your computer is idle, never interfering with your work or other programs. The result is hard disks that are always “freshly defragmented”.

Automatic configuration with selectable profiles
Additional individual configuration options for full control
Full support for both Windows XP and Windows Vista

Context Menu Manager
The new Context Menu Manager enables you to view and manage the contents of right-click context menus in Windows, giving you full control. Popup context menus are displayed when you click the right button on your mouse. They’re useful and configurable and many programs add entries to them to allow you to give you direct access to special functions. The Context Menu Manager gives you detailed information on all the entries and enables you to activate or deactivate them for individual and multiple file types.

AntiSpy Module
This module provides a collection of settings for Windows services and other programs that like to “phone home” and tell Microsoft or their manufacturers about your computer and what you are doing. The settings let you control and stop this behavior to protect your privacy and security, for example for Windows Media Player, the Windows error reporting service and others.

Favorites Tab
The new Favorites tab makes using WinOptimizer 6 even easier by giving you direct access to the functions and modules you use most frequently. The program automatically lists the functions you use in the Favorites tab so that you can return to them quickly. Once you’ve used a function or module it becomes even easier to use it again. In addition to this the tab also displays interesting information on how you use the program functions – date of use, frequency of use, last use and so on.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
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Размер файла: 15.69 Mb
Интерфейс: Английский
Скачали: 755

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Ashampoo Core Tuner 1.02

Ashampoo Core Tuner - очередная версия программы для оптимизации производительности вашего многоядерного процессора. Многие современные компьютеры работают на двухядерных процесссорах, некоторые даже на четырехядерных. К сожалению, Windows не всегда хорошо управляет несколькими ядрами, из-за чего вы не получаете реальную мощность и производительность от купленного процессора. Данная программа позволяет исправить ситуацию, оптимизировав производительность вашего ЦПУ. Для мгновенного результата вы можете нажать на кнопку авто-оптимизации, после чего для всех ваших запущенных программ будет сделана оптимизация по использованию центрального процессора. Однако, вы также сможете самостоятельно настроить использование процессора для каждой программы по-отдельности. Кроме этого, вы сможете отладить отдельные процессы, просматривать в реальном времени производительность каждого из ядер вашего процессора или повысить общую производительность системы, с помощью дополнительных инструментов, встроенных в программу. Интерфейс многоязычный, включая русский язык.

Особенности Ashampoo Core Tuner:
- Автоматическая оптимизация производительности за один клик
- Ручная оптимизация производительности вашего ЦПУ
- Мониторинг работы вашего ЦПУ в реальном времени
- Использование профилей настроек производительности
- Встроенный диспетчер задач
- Управление автозагрузкой
- Красивый и многоязычный пользовательский интерфейс

Use all the processor power you paid for! Almost all modern computers have at least two processors, which are generally referred to as ”cores”. Some even have four. Unfortunately, Windows often doesn’t manage your multiple cores very well, so you’re not actually getting the full multi-processor power you paid for. Ashampoo Core Tuner enables you to use the full power of all your cores. For instant results you just need to select Auto-Optimize to optimize all the programs you are running or Boost to give more power to a single program. You can also fine-tune individual processes, display a live view of the current workloads of all your processor cores and enhance the overall performance of your system with additional tools. You don’t have to have a computer science degree to get all the benefits of Core Tuner. The program manages your processor cores for you to make full use of their power.

Вам не обязательно иметь компьютерные знания, чтобы использовать данную программу. Программа Ashampoo Core Tuner самостоятельно управляет ядрами вашего процессора, позволяя использовать их производительность на полную мощность. Если вы хотите получить от вашей системы наиболее мощную производительность, тогда вы сможете сделать тонкую настройку основных параметров для каждой используемой программы вручную. Вы можете установить приоритет для каждой программы на пяти уровнях, также можно указать кол-во ядер для использования в каждой программе по-отдельности.

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Лекарство внутри.

Размер файла: 10.91 Mb
Интерфейс: Многоязычный
Скачали: 914

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